Chào mừng vị vua mới ra đời - Mexico 86

(TNO) Bài A Special Kind Of Hero được ca sĩ Stephanie Lawrence thể hiện nhằm tôn vinh huyền thoại Diego Maradona của tuyển Argentina.
Lời bài hát
Argentina, Argentina, Argentina.
AH, living for a very special sign
Telling of a very special time
Leaving just the chance to stake a claim
In a very different kind of game
Just one chance to be held up high
Or be cut down

Sink or swim, swim or drown
Can you see the gap between right and wrong
Tearful sounds and a joyful song
Reaching for the hands of love
Hoping to be pulled from up above
My friend, to be a special kind of hero
My new found game, to be a special kind of hero
I need you, need you with me

My hero, how you bring me
Feelings like I cannot explain
Warmth that feeds from my pain?
Capturing moments in time
That the world can never replace
A Special Kind Of Hero lyrics on
Forever suspended in space

Moments of a very special kind
Immortalise an aspect of the mind
Moving past limits of those above
Guided by the visions of the strong
Into places never seen before
Where I can be a certain kind

I want to be a hero in my mind
With very special guidance from above
and very precious moments of my love.

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